Looking For Best Automotive Repair Parts? Opt For Automotix

In today’s fast life, you can not even imagine survival without a vehicle. It is so because for most of the routine or daily works also people are dependant on vehicles. With such crucial role, it is important to maintain them at any cost.

Maintenance of a vehicle is very important as it is not an expense rather an investment. With the help of small cost over investment you can make your vehicle work more effectively and efficiently thereby increasing the mileage and lowering the fuel cost. The vehicle with good maintenance works perfectly for a longer period of time and so it is a sort of investment which is must for yielding better returns afterwards.

For maintenance it is important to change the worn out parts as and when necessary and to provide proper auto repair. With the help of appropriate auto repair you can give better life to your vehicle. Most of the people prefer going to repair shops for repairing their vehicles. But is it necessary to visit repair shop for every small or big repair problems? The answer to this is no! Surely not!

You can go for bigger defects to a workshop but if the problem is small then it is better to sort it out by own. If you want to know how then Automotix is the name of an online shopping mall that can sort all your queries.

Automotix is one of a kind online shopping mall that offers each and everything related to automotive need. Thus if you are looking for new auto parts at reasonable prices or best quality used auto parts or assistance on auto repair and automotive repair parts, then Automotix is the store you must opt for. Automotix is the largest marketplace for both the buyers as well as sellers dealing with used auto parts.

Talking about repairing automobiles, it is important to note that Automotix offers best auto repair tips with the help of which one can repair his vehicle with ease. In addition if you are worried for buying the automotive repair parts of best quality, then you need not to worry at all. It is so because Automotix also offers the best collection of automotive repair parts that are not only best in terms of quality but extraordinary in terms of prices also.

The auto repair tools store of Automotix offers unique as well as the extraordinary collection of best performance repair tools in the automotive industry. The product lines offered by Automotix includes professional hand tools, tools sets, power tools, specialty tools, jacks and equipment, creepers, air tools, counter top displays, shop equipment and much more. In addition if you are worried for the quality, then it is important to note that most of the performance automotive tools of Automotix carry a lifetime warranty. Thus there is no question of risk associated at all in terms of quality.

With the help of repair tools offered by Automotix you can not only repair your vehicle in no time but in addition you can save good amount of money and more importantly your precious time also. So visit Automotix now and get the real charm of hassle free driving.

Advanced Technology Solutions For Automotive & Semi Conductor Industries

Advanced Technology Solutions for Automotive & Semi Conductor Industries
An ever-increasing range of leading-edge technologies emerging into the manufacturing, more so in the automotive & semi-conductor sectors, make them two of the most exciting and dynamic manufacturing sectors in the world.

Automotive & Semi-conductor industries are facing an extremely challenging business environment today with increase in product heterogeneousness, higher dependence on outsourcing, and a growing need to collaborate with an unending list of business partners. Moreover, with the automotive electronics market exploding and semiconductor consumption booming worldwide, the tremendous opportunity for semiconductor companies brings with it the increasing pressure to keep pace with the shortening development cycles and the need for newer and more innovative products. However not all the products that hit the market are successful since the consumer today is extremely particular about price and performance, leaving semiconductor companies to grapple with the triple challenges of increasing complexity, shorter timelines and increasing risk. In fact the need to excel by improving quality, creating product differentiation while meeting safety and other regulations has kept both the industries on their toes.

This kind of situation has given impetus to Advanced Technology Solutions, solutions that enable the automotive as well as semi-conductor industries to attain performance advancements and improved efficiency. Partnering with an organization offering industry specific advanced technology solutions in the focused areas of Automotive Electronics, Engineering Design, Product Engineering, Auto Infotainment & Telematics, Instrument clusters, Industrial automation, Powertrain, Chip design, Embedded software, Analog mixed signal design, Electronic design, Physical design, Semiconductor design outsourcing, ASIC/SoC development, Vlsi design, FPGA design solutions, and support services such as Verification & Validation, Offshore testing and Automotive embedded software, is a viable option that can leverage the technology expertise in automotive electronics & semi-conductor solutions. It further helps in accelerating product development cycles and push the envelope of innovation.

Utilizing these Advanced Technology Solutions, the automotive & semi-conductor industries can collaborate with a vast array of business partners and suppliers working in tandem to design and manufacture vehicles and focus on providing innovative silicon chip design and embedded software support.

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With skilled system architects, ASIC design engineering specialists, and a dedicated Digital verification group, KPIT Cummins has executed multi million gate design verifications and also has expertise in conventional as well as HVL based verifications. KPIT Cummin’s authority on IP led advanced technology solutions and services for Automotive Electronics & the ability to build innovation into semiconductors to give products exciting features, is exhibited by its in-depth industry experience combined with a strong technology understanding

The Wonderful World Of Ecu Tuning And Boost Display

In the olden days, car tuning mostly consisted of adjusting carburetors and ignition to keep the engine running optimally. You also had to keep an eye on the spark plugs and various engine fluids, and make sure to keep things lubricated. More serious tuning included performance car parts such as headers, exhausts or perhaps a bigger carburetor or engine. These still play a role today, but almost everything else has changed. Computers control our cars now, and they have become the primary key to performance. Automotive computers, often called Electronic Control Units or ECUs, manage every aspect of a vehicles running and performance, from determining when exactly spark plugs should fire, to providing the data for the boost display of a turbo motor, all the way to luxury car tuning amenities such as turning lights on or off and adjusting rear view mirrors.

How do Electronic Control Units work? To begin with, they are both the same and very different from the desktop and notebook computers we use in our lives. They are the same insofar as they are computers with CPUs and memory and the programming needed to do a variety of tasks. They are different in that they have no displays or hard drives or keyboards. Most ECUs consist of a system board housed in a small metal box that’s usually mounted either in the engine compartment or under the dash. ECUs are designed to do just one thing – running your car – and they do have to do that reliably and without fail for many years. ECUs must boot up instantly when you turn on the ignition of your car; they must manage fueling, ignition, cams of an engine whose camshaft may rotate up to 9,000 times a minute; they must handle emission control and various other systems that require instant changes several times a second; they must monitor dozens of sensors located throughout the vehicle; and they must do all that in temperatures ranging from blazing hot to ice cold and while rattled around on bumpy road day after day, month after month.

Given all that, you’d imagine that ECUs are totally closed systems, black boxes that you can neither adjust nor fix should they break down. Wrong. ECUs have become the focal point of engine tuning, both for domestics and imports. If you look at any catalog for luxury performance car parts you’ll find various products that affect the running of the ECU either via reprogrammed chips or circuitry that intercepts and modifies signals to and from the ECU. Be it Volkswagen parts, Audi parts, BMW parts, Mercedes parts or other luxury car parts, chances are that the performance tuning section includes ECU tuning products.

What can ECU tuning do for your vehicle? Just about everything. If you add performance hardware such as headers, exhaust, a turbo, or a supercharger, ECU tuning makes sure that spark and cam timing and the air-fuel ratio are adjusted properly so you get optimal performance and reliability from your modified engine. Depending on your modifications, ECU tuning may also include injection and boost display and control, changing rev limiters, launch control, automatic transmission shift points and torque converter settings, as well as monitoring various functions. Amazingly, unlike traditional modifications, ECU tuning can be undone within minutes. It is truly 21st century style tuning.

The Many Forms Of Automotive Training

With the ever-increasing complexity of vehicles today, there are a variety of kinds of automotive training offered in order to repair cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

High Schools

Some high schools offer a robust variety of courses that encompass a range of knowledge relating to auto repair. For example, a high school might offer classes in brakes, electrical electronic systems, engine performance, and suspension and steering. A high school can receive program certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF). This indicates that the curriculum meets the national standards set forth by these nonprofit organizations.

Career, Technical, and Vocational Centers

Many career, technical, and vocational centers are secondary schools offering automotive training programs that are certified by ASE or NATEF. They may include brakes, electrical electronic systems, engine performance, engine repair, heating and air conditioning, and suspension and steering.

Community Colleges

Community colleges offer a broader range of certified programs, and often partner with vehicle manufacturers and local dealerships to include both classroom and on-the-job training. Their areas of certification may include those offered at secondary schools, plus such areas as automatic transmission and transaxle, manual drive trains and axles. Some post-secondary schools also offer certified courses in alternative fuels, such as CNG conversation and installation, CNG diagnosis and repair, CNG maintenance, LPG conversion and installation, LPG diagnosis and repair, and LPG maintenance, suspension and steering.

Specialty Schools

There are a number of specialty post-secondary schools around the country that provide intensive automotive training and that produce graduates who are fully educated and ready to enter the world of auto repair.

On the Job Training

Although auto repair today requires a tremendous amount of specialized knowledge, there are still scattered opportunities to receive on the job training. This is particularly true for those who decide to specialize and who do not need comprehensive automotive training. For example, someone who specializes in brake repair does not need to know how to rebuild an engine.

Continuing Education

Just as in many fields, the range of knowledge required to keep pace with the changes in automotive technology means that it’s important for automotive service technicians to continue their education over time. There are a few ways to keep up with automotive training, some formal and others informal.

Among the formal continuing education choices is the Continuing Automotive Service Education, or CASE, which is sponsored by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. Many technical schools and other training facilities offer a CASE program, which is auto training specifically designed for those who work in the field.

But keeping abreast of the developments in auto repair doesn’t always mean going to class. There are a number of online communities made up of service technicians and those in automotive management jobs. These communities can provide everything from articles and downloads from professionals working in the automotive repair industry, to forums for assistance from other technicians, to classified ads for used engines and used automotive equipment, to job listings and the ability to post resumes.